• Marc Eliot's Art of Film | Tootsie

    (General - Friday, May 27, 2022)

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    Sydney Pollack's

    TOOTSIE (1982)

    Fri, May 27 | 6:30 PM | TICKETS
    Sun, May 29 | 2:30 PM | TICKETS

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  • Creatures of Light: Nature's Bioluminescence Opens

    (Exhibit - Saturday, May 28, 2022)

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    May 28 - September 5, 2022

    Have you ever captured a glowing firefly? On a warm summer evening, a firefly’s light seems rare and magical. Yet the tree of life is spangled with organisms that blink, glow, flash, and glitter. Welcome to the world of bioluminescence - the generation of light by living things.

    "Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence" immerses visitors in the extraordinary world of organisms that produce light, from the flickering fireflies (aka "lightning bugs") found in backyards across the Midwest to the deep-sea fishes that illuminate the perpetually dark depths of the oceans. Rare among plants and animals that live on land, the ability to glow - that is, to generate light through a chemical reaction - is much more common in the ocean, where up to 90 percent of animals at depths below 700 meters (2,300 feet) are bioluminescent.

    "Creatures of Light" reveals some of the most magical, wondrous, and truly extraordinary creatures and phenomena to be found in the natural world and takes visitors to such fascinating places as a bioluminescent bay and the far depths of the ocean, explains why and how certain animals create "living light," and helps us all better understand the vast and glorious ecosystem of which we are just a part.


    Eighty percent of all known bioluminescent groups inhabit the world's oceans. At certain depths, nearly all organisms glow. On land, things are quite different. There are bioluminescent fungi and insects, but no flowering plants, birds, reptiles, amphibians, or mammals that glow.

    How did bioluminescence evolve? Scientists are still working on this question. But one thing is clear: bioluminescence has evolved independently many times - at least 50, and probably many more. Such widespread occurrence tells scientists that the trait provides an important edge to organisms that have it.

    "Creatures of Light" will help answer such essential questions as:

    • What is bioluminescence?
    • What organisms are bioluminescent, and where are they found?
    • How does bioluminescence work?
    • How do organisms use bioluminescence to survive in their environment?

    In "Creatures of Light," visitors will move through a series of re-created environments, from the familiar to the extreme, to explore the diversity of organisms that glow and how they do it; discover the variety of ways in which light is used to attract a mate, lure unsuspecting prey, or defend against a predator; and learn how, where, and why scientists study this amazing natural phenomenon.


    The museum gratefully acknowledges our exhibition presenting sponsor, PNC.

    Additional sponsorship by UnityPoint Health,OSF HealthCare and the Corporate Visionary Society Council.

    Creatures of Light: Nature's Bioluminescence is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York, in collaboration with the Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada, and The Field Museum, Chicago.

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  • Marc Eliot's Art of Film | Tootsie

    (General - Sunday, May 29, 2022)

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    Sydney Pollack's

    TOOTSIE (1982)

    Sun, May 29 | 2:30 PM | TICKETS

    381823531 Gst Aof Hollywood Wb R6 11
  • Yoga Under the Stars

    (General - Friday, June 10, 2022)

    Yoga Under the Stars 

    Enjoy a beautiful evening of yoga practice under a starry sky, without worrying about mosquitoes or rain! This evening will feature a 15 minute star talk, showing off our summer constellations. Then Heather will lead a one hour yoga practice, with beautiful stars, nebula and planets dazzling on the dome above.

    Heather Capperrune has been teaching yoga and curating unique experiences with movement in Peoria for six years.

    Participants are asked to bring their own mats.

    Each session will be an hour and 15 minutes long.

    Fri, June 10 | 6 PM 
    Doors open at 5:45, Event starts at 6 PM

    Purchase tickets here.

    $20 Members | $25 Public

    All sessions are an hour and 15 minutes in length.

    Limited mats are available, please bring a mat and a light blanket. Doors open at 5:30 pm. All supplies provided for programs unless otherwise noted. All paid programs require a minimum number of participants to run or will be cancelled two business days prior to the start date. Pre-registration required.

  • Author Dan Zehr | "STAR WARS I Am Your Father" Book Talk & Signing

    (General - Saturday, June 18, 2022)

    Gst Dan Zehr Book Sign Wb


    STAR WARS I AM YOUR FATHER: Lessons for Parents, Protectors, and Mentors


    Sat, Jun 18

    4:30-5 PM | Book Talk & Author Q&A

    5-5:30 PM | Book Signing*

    Meet Dan Z, the host and brand director of Star Wars podcast "Coffee With Kenobi" and a prominent expert in Star Wars fandom. Find out more at*Limited number of books available.

    --June 18, 3:30 & 6 PM see film that started it all,  Star Wars ( Star Wars: Episode 4 - A New Hope), celebrating its the 45th anniversary. More info & tickets: CLICK HERE--

    Gst Dan Zehr Book Sign Wb